Saturday, 26 September 2015

WestFest 2015 - Part 4

An annual exhibition organised by the South West local group.  

North Ealing 

Another 2015 Anniversary AGM 50 Something challenge layout - 3mm scale 12mm gauge built by Nigel Cullimore of the Dorset group.

The layout is set in North London in 1969 as a branch from West Ealing station serving the North Ealing area. 

The main traffic in later years is to "Hoods" the local coal merchant, and to "Read's" Engineering works in addition to commuter traffic at the High Level terminus. 

The miners' strike in 1972 will force a 3-day week, power cuts and a coal shortage resulting in many businesses closing, including both "Hood's" and "Read's". 

This combined with local families moving to London overspill towns like Andover and Basingstoke will lead to the closure of the branch in 1974, leaving just the London Underground station and buses to serve the area. 


Teignford is a British Railways (Western Region) layout located in South Devon built by Steve Fackrell of the Dorset group. 

Modelled in 3mm scale with a gauge of 12mm it is Steve's second layout in what he feels is the Premier scale. 

Teignford is an area producing clay and has industries associated with this production. A weekly livestock market is held nearby thus bringing traffic to the station.

The layout has ply-topped baseboards framed with 2"x1" softwood to which the legs are slotted into. Trackwork is all Peco HOm with pointwork operated by wire-in-tube with polarity changing switches.  

Buildings are a mixture of kit-built (the station building) and scratch-built principally from artists' mounting board covered with a selection of brick/stone paper and contoured plastic sheet. 

Rolling stock is kit built with locos being a mix of white metal and etched brass bodies with etched chassis mostly driven by Mashima motors and Branchlines 40:1 gearboxes. 

Coaches are a mix of plastic kits from the 3mm Society and etched brass from Worsley Works or Brynkits. Most of the wagons on show are from the 3mm Society range with some etched brass from Finney & Smith. 


WestFest 2016

WestFest was first established in 2007 with the intention that the hosting of the annual show would rotate between the various West Country Area groups, with 2015 having been hosted by the South West group.

For 2016 the baton is passed to the North Wilts group and will be held in Royal Wooton Basset.

See you there!

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