Tuesday, 15 September 2015

WestFest 2015 - Part 1

Saturday 12th September 

WestFest 2015 - an annual exhibition organised by the South West local group. 

Being the 50th anniversary year of the 3mm Society a total of nine 3mm scale layouts were presented, including several entries from the “50 Something Challenge” as judged at the Society 50th Anniversary AGM in April 2015.

50 x 50 Shades of Grey

This was the first outing of Nick Salzman's fascinating little micro layout since the AGM. A quayside scene modelled entirely in grey shades, it gives it the effect of an old black and white photograph come to life.

Nick’s blog can be found at:

Lambeth Walk

WestFest organiser Brian Golding's finely-observed 3mm scale London Transport themed layout Lambeth Walk.

 Further layouts to follow in Part 2...

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